Panhandle APRS Activity

Panhandles APRS DIGI information

AMA39 – Amarillo, TX.
BORGER – Borger, TX.
CANADN – Canadian, TX
DUMAS – Dumas, TX
GRULKY – Gruhlky, TX
MIAMI – Miami, TX
PAMPA – Pampa, TX
SPEAR – Spearman, TX
WAYSID – Wayside, TX

Panhandle APRS Igate information

KE5KUL – South West Amarillo
Radio: Kenwood TM-260
TNC: OpenTracker 4 running in KISS mode
Hardware: HP t5545 Thin Client
Operating System: Tiny Core 4.6
Software: aprsd-2.6.4-ke5kul-1 (custom build by KE5KUL)

APRS Client Access

You can connect to this APRSd Server with any of the following clients using the information below.
APRSIS32 – Highly recommended for Windows.
Xastir – Highly recommended for Linux.
APRSDroid – Highly recommended for Android.
PocketPacket – Highly recommended for iPhone. Gives better realtime data, but will chew up your battery too.
OpenAPRS – Highly recommended for iPhone. Updates locations at an interval. Lasts much longer on batteries.

Amarillo APRS Server Info

Web Status:
Igate Log/Filter/Graphs Access –

Server Hostname:
Main Port: 10151
Main Port +60 minute history dump: 10152
Raw TNC Port(no filtering): 14580

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