On behalf of myself and the Panhandle Amateur Radio Club, I want to thank everyone for participating in Bike MS 2014. We had an excellent turnout of volunteers for the event and the ride was successful and safe, thanks to all of you. There were many  situations during the race that simply could not have been handled without the use of amateur radio for communications because of the lack of cell phone signal coverage along the cycling route. Thank you for volunteering. The lessons learned from our participation in this event are immeasurable and will help to ensure that our local radio operators are prepared and trained to assist in providing communications to support our community in times of disaster or emergency. Furthermore, this event simply would not be as safe and possible without your support. Your professionalism, dedication, and participation are greatly appreciated.

Towards the end of the event, we began a conversation over the air suggesting ways to streamline and improve our performance in this event in the future. The following are some considerations that were noted.

  1. SAG Operations: We will be taking steps to coordinate the SAG operation better by putting the SAG communicators directly under the responsibility of Matthew Carter, KF5CBT, the Bike MS SAG coordinator at least two months prior to the event for better coordination and instruction.
  2. SAG Operations: Portable APRS all-in-one units in each SAG vehicle would aid in streamlining logistics
  3. SAG Operations: All SAG vehicles need to be marked with magnetic signs, amber lights, and should be equipped with medical kits in addition to the kits that are already at each rest stop.
  4. General Route Improvement: The route could be marked better with signs for vehicles supporting the event and to make the route more visible and safe by making the public more aware of the cyclists on the road
  5. General Route Improvement: One cyclist complained that the diesel sweeper truck was too loud and it felt like the sweeper truck was “stalking” the cyclist at 100 yards. The sweeper truck and supply truck drivers should be more mindful of the louder diesel support vehicles.
  6. Ham Radio Logistics:  We need to develop a “Floating Comms” position to provide better logistical support. This position would be responsible for transporting lunches to all of the volunteers at rest stops 4, 5, and 6 which are located prior to the lunch rest stop, and to rest stops 8, 9 and 10 which are located after the lunch rest stop. This float position can remain flexible to provide other logistical support as needed.
  7. Breakfast: We need to find a suitable and agreeable location for a breakfast meeting prior to the event next year.
  8. Sweeper Truck: The sweeper truck needs signage and amber lighting to provide better visibility and safety for the cyclists.
  9. Sweeper Truck/Setup Truck: We need 5 gallon water jug and 5 gallon water cooler racks for both trucks.
  10. Day 2 Rest Stops: One cyclist commented that we should have TWO rest stops on day two rather than a single stop for the 50 mile route.

Please submit any and all other suggestions to Chris Seright, KE5ZRT, at 806-231-4227 or KE5ZRT@gmail.com for consideration. We want to support this event in the best way possible  and your input and feedback are critical.

Thank you again, to all who volunteered to support this event and I look forward to your feedback and participation for years to come.

Day One Location Time Call Sign Name
Net Control A Approximately 100 yards behind the lead cyclist(s) to mark the race on APRS 06:00 KD5ROK Cory and Veronica Elliott
Net Control B Assigned rest stops 06:00 KD5DYP 


Adair and Mysti Winter
Sweeper Approximately 100 yards behind the tail cyclist(s) to mark the race on APRS 06:00 KE5ZRT 


Chris and Sarah Seright
RS 1 Miles from start: 13.9 

Identifier: At “Home  Elevator company” gravel parking lot

06:00 KD5DYP 


Adair and Mysti Winter
RS 2 Miles from start:  23.5 

Identifier: Will be near curve in road where 1258 and Parsley road meet. Gravel road leading to big, red equestrian barn, behind windmill.

RS 3 Miles from start: 36.2Identifier: Intersection of FM 1258 and County Road 6. Gate has sign identifying the ranch behind it.  Also by a windmill. 07:00 KC5HQY Daniel Blount
RS 4 Miles from start:  45.8 

Identifier: Northern Natural Gas: Claude Compressor Station

07:30 KF5MUA Bill Lewis
RS 5 Miles from start: 52.6 

Identifier: SAG stop; pull off shoulder area. This is a large dirt pull off area on the west (right) side of the road. You can also see a dirt road going up the hill just slightly to the south on the same side of the road. This location is IMMEDIATELY before beginning the descent down into the canyon. There is a road grade sign here.

08:00 N5BNU John Kimber
RS 6 Miles from start: 58.1 

Identifier: This is a large dirt pull-off area at the bottom of the canyon on Hwy. 207 on the west (right) side of the road. There is a gate identifying “Red Rock Ranch.” Set up SOUTH of the gate. Gate should not be blocked. There is plenty of room.

08:30 W5RAW Raymond Winter
RS 7 (Lunch) Miles from start: 61.6Identifier: Top of hill in graveled shoulder curve on west (right) side of 207. Same as last year (was rest stop 6 last year). This is also lunch. 09:00 KF5IDK Kim and Jinnee Parr and TX Militia Volunteers
RS 8 Miles from start: 72.4 

Identifier: This is just west of where 285 dead ends and turns west (left) at Wayside. The rest stop is located at the town gas station—a blue-gray building also known as Watson Oil Co.  Stamped event post cards are available here. When rest stop closes please deliver post cards to the gas station or the home next door and they will mail them.

09:15 KD5DYP 


Adair and Mysti Winter
RS 9 Miles from start: 81.3 

Identifier: Entrance to Ceta Canyon, on the northeast shoulder of 285.

09:30 KB5WUF David Hundley
RS 10 Miles from start: 92.4 

Identifier: South side shoulder of Lawrence Rd (Where I-27 and frontage road meet), directly east of the TxDOT parking area.

09:30 KF5TTJ Jerry Lister
Day Two Location Time Call Sign Name
Net Control 06:30 KD5DYP 


Adair and Mysti Winter
Sweeper 06:30 KE5ZRT 


Chris and Sarah Seright
RS1 Miles from start: 23.76 

Identifier: South side shoulder of Lawrence Rd (Where I-27 and frontage road meet), directly east of the TxDOT parking area.

06:30 KD5ROK Cory and Veronica Elliott
SAG Crew Location Time Call Sign Name
Supply 1 06:30 KF5CBS Bill Brownlee
Supply 2
SAG 7 RS 6-7 06:30 KF5CBT Matthew Carter
SAG 3 with Tammye Jackson 06:00 KF5TII David Lister
SAG 9 RS 8-9 KE5ZTZ Tony Ralf
SAG 12 roving 06:00 KC5EZO Don Brostow
SAG 13 roving 06:00 KF5NKV Matt Kirkpatrick
Tour Director KF5CBR April Brownlee



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